Beach Inferno
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Ryan Phillippe
Beach Inferno
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Beach Inferno
Ryan’s Cryptograph is an imaginative and fantastical scene of a man serenely lying down on a beach in the midst of a blazing inferno. Ryan’s artwork has many potential meanings, perhaps its symbolising that even when surrounded by danger and chaos one must still find a way to relax. Or perhaps it's a comedic piece about a person who is completely unaware of their surroundings. Or maybe it's a subtle message about humanity's seemingly indifferent attitude to the planet as our environment becomes more extreme due to climate change. In the end only Ryan will know the true meaning of his piece.
Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Phillippe was born in New Castle, Delaware. He is an American actor, producer and director. He began his acting career with the soap opera One Life to Live. Since then he has had a hugely successful multi award winning acting career in Hollywood, perhaps best known for his starring roles in films like White Squall, Cruel Intentions, Crash, Flags Of Our Fathers and many more. He has also starred in numerous TV series’ most notably as the role of the lead character ‘Bob Lee Swagger’ in the hit series Shooter.

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WildAid’s mission is to protect wildlife from illegal trade and other imminent threats.
WildAid’s mission is to protect wildlife from illegal trade and other imminent threats.